What is Cru?

Cru, formerly named Student Venture, is the high school and middle school ministry of Cru. We are a national organization with locally based teams simply known as “Cru.”

We love teenagers and want to connect them to Jesus Christ. Since 1981, we have been reaching out to teenagers in San Diego, across America and around the world. Our team is made up of full-time and part-time staff members, interns and volunteers who join hands with parents, educators, churches and community leaders. We help students and equip them to make a positive and eternal difference.

Where is Cru in San Diego?

We have teams serving at the following high schools in San Diego:

Del Norte High School
Orange Glen High School
Patrick Henry High School
Poway High School
Rancho Bernardo High School
We also serve in many cities/metro locations and over 100 affiliate locations in the United States and around the globe.

Connecting Teenagers

The spontaneous lifestyle of young people, full of zeal and optimism, creates an energetic atmosphere for America’s campuses and communities. For many students however, growing up is tough, especially in a complex culture filled with sexual pressures, drug abuse, violence and disintegrating family life. At local high schools and middle schools, Cru is here to help teenagers and their families as they tackle the issues of life. We offer resources and programs for students, including meetings, discussion groups, individual mentoring, leadership training, school assemblies, conferences and retreats.

In all these activities, students are in touch with people who care and who are able to help them develop in the social, mental and spiritual dimensions of life. Our staff members, interns and volunteers are trained to better meet the needs of today’s youth. Additionally, our full-time staff members earn a college education prior to joining our staff.

Cru team members, centered on genuine acceptance and faith-based values, are mentors who students can trust and talk with about solutions to life’s problems. Our team members also often help coaches, teachers and counselors by serving as motivational speakers for classrooms, clubs or teams, and assist in other ways to enhance the educational process. Cru High School’s ministry extends to thousands of students led by more than 600 full-time staff, interns, affiliates and local community volunteers. Our desire is to love Christ and to connect teenagers to Him. In Cru, our service includes:

Field Ministries – Teams serve in communities to provide a caring community passionate about connecting high school and middle school students to Jesus.
Coaching Center – Cru staff members coach adults and students by phone and Internet to reach teenagers in locations where we have no Field Ministries Teams.
Global Missions – Teams of students and adults go international to reach teenagers around the world.
National Office – A team of national leaders serve the needs and give direction to our local teams and ministry activities around the country and globe.